The Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel





This is the center of Baha’i today. A nine-member council presides from this location to lead the religion. Learn more: Universal House of Justice



Room of the Báb’s home in Shiraz, Iran, where He declared His mission, May 1844.



On May 22, 1844, the Bab declared that he was the 12th Imam promised in Shi’ite Islam. He was to prepare the way for one who would reveal a universal religion. This is the room where this declaration took place. Here is link about the Bab’s life: The Bab





To learn more about the man who would reveal this universal religion, theBahaullah, follow this link to a photographic narrative of his life:

Here are several great sites about Baha’i. Enjoy!

  • From the Baha’i international community, a informative website:
    • Many of the links above are to specific pages on this site.
  • From the Baha’i international community, their online reference
  • And for a more local experience, here is the American Baha’i page:
  • And for a North Carolina experience, here is the Raleigh Baha’i page: Raleigh Baha’i
    • This is the source for our speaker on Baha’i.

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