Microcosm Theory

Microcosm Theorymicrocosm theory (n.): the belief that particular days foreshadow those areas of life

Let me explain:

Let’s consider my honeymoon: We hopped B&Bs and tent camped in the mountains of NC . We ate at some amazing restaurants and also ate pizza at a picnic table. We lost $7 at a casino. I forget a dress and we had to backtrack to get it. Our car broke down and we rode in the back of a patrol car to the auto store for Coach to get the parts to fix it. We saw well-known historical sites and objects and found a few hidden ones as well. We slept in big beds with fire places. We were in love!

So how has that fleshed out in our marriage? We have lived in 4 different cities, in 5 different apartments and houses. And tent camped all over. (It’s about to pick up again now that the boys are older!) We are pretty darn good cooks, but sometimes we resort to corn dogs and mac n’ cheese. We haven’t been back to the casino, but I still lose small amounts of money on lottery tickets when the jackpot is huge. I still lose things and Coach still helps me find them. Our cars continually break down and Coach is continually dealing with it. (Though, to be fair, we have not seen the inside of a patrol car since then!) We have continued to travel and explore our great world. We sleep in a California king bed every night, had a fire place for a while, want another one! And we are still very much in love!

If I apply Microcosm Theory to January 1, what does 2014 have in store for me? Sleeping in. Yes please! Reading. Love it! Snipping some PS3 hostiles with Coach. Isn’t our bonding so romantic? Fussing at my kids for not listening. Uh huh! Working in the yard with my family. It was all fun and games until Coach got swallowed by a privet entwined with thorns. Then not so much. Cleaning the house, doing laundry, preparing food. Typical. Eating and talking with my family and friends. I do love my friends and eating! Playing games. For the record, I can tear you up in Sports Champions 2 bowling. I got 7 strikes in a row. Putting my kids to bed with prayers and songs. Best part of the day! And going to bed way too late. With my love!

2014 is going to be great!

So based on Microcosm Theory, what does 2014 have in store for you?


Resolving Not to Resolve

Today is the day.

We dream about all the things we want add to or eliminate from our lives. We dream about how wonderful life will be when we finally do. And the list is long. There is so much left to do with our lives. And tomorrow is the start of something new and wonderful!

We vow to post on our blogs every day.

We vow to eat healthier food.

We vow to paint that room or finish that design concept…finally.

We vow to get in shape, drop a few pounds, and tone our muscles.

We vow to start that degree or finish that degree.

We vow to read our Bible, pray, and fellowship more faithfully.

We vow to get our yard, our house, our finances, our legal affairs in order.

We vow to travel to that destination on our bucket list.

We vow to be slower to anger and more ready to laugh with our children, our friends, and our family.

We vow to be the best version of ourselves, the best us we can imagine.

And then comes January 2, January 3, and so on. And each of our noble vows becomes a challenge, a stumbling block. Our inability to keep them makes us feel like a failure. And then we rewrite the rules, tweek the plan, and somehow end up further from our ideal self than when we started.

So I invite you to join with me, resolving not to resolve. Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution! January 1 is not the day to set goals and become the you that you dream of.

sunriseInstead, I invite you to join me in being the best we can be each and every day: to love where we are, to serve others, to laugh, to express our creativity, to learn something new, and to embrace responsibility; to recognize that the perfect us will never be, perfection only belongs to our Savior. But you and I will find moments of perfection and cling to them when the failures come. And you and I will rise to a new day and start all over again!

Each day is a new beginning!

It’s Engagement, Not An Excuse

“Where have you been? ” you ask.


It’s the time of year of Lent and increased church activities. It’s that time of year when I am itching to get my hands in the soil and begin cultivating, tending, and planting my gardens. It’s the time of year when soccer begins and I affectionately refer to myself as a “soccer widow” and support my husband as much as I can with his crazy schedule. It’s that time of year when the creative spirit is reawakened and I long to create anew. It’s the time of year when I am inspired to drop a few extra pounds and get ready for bathing suit weather. So, I’ve been busy.

A great adventure book!

A great adventure book!

The Lent excuse-I am not the type of person who gives things up for Lent, but rather the type who adds them. I select something that I know I should be doing and I do it. What criteria do I use? It must be something that benefits another person, while making me a better person at the same time. Last year, Little Man and I read from his Bible each night. This year, we are still reading, but from a chapter book. We’re reading one of my favorites, so we are both enjoying it. That’s at least 30 minutes each night and more when he asks for two chapters.

Ah, the romance!

Ah, the romance!

The gardening excuse-Two weekends ago, we bought Coach a very romantic and loving birthday/Valentine’s Day present…a chainsaw. That lead to a Sunday afternoon of clearing brush and burning. We had another warm afternoon last week, so I was able to work for another two hours while the monkeys napped. Since we moved in, we have been working to clear the brush and small trees around our home. This is the year to finish it! We want to get everything cut back and cleared before the new growth of spring is upon us. And once it is all cleared, we can then look toward a joint birthday gift for the boys of a swingset!

Do you love your spouse this much?

Do you love your spouse this much?

The good wife excuse-Soccer officially began on Monday, but Coach was out on Sunday after church running a goalie practice for our keeper who is still playing basketball in the state playoffs this week. Their first scrimmage is Saturday. Coach is an amazingly dedicated coach, hence my very appropriate nickname. He spends hours each week preparing for practices, watching game footage, and reading coaching journals. And then he goes to practice and games. Needless to say, we see a lot less of him. And when we do see him, he’s often on the sideline or working on his teaching responsibilities. Spring is always hectic for him with soccer and APs. This year is no different, except for the fact that our car repairs are a bit more than we expected. Isn’t that always the way? In order to afford it, we are trying to make as much extra money as possible. Coach tutors online, so he has scheduled more hours than he normally would this time of year to help the family finances out. So to help him out, I am grading math 😦 while he tutors, so he can still have enough time to invest in soccer! That’s love, my friends!

Writing again!!!

Writing again!!!

The creative excuse-The day that I worked in the yard clearing brush for 2 hours by myself, I had to think about something. My mind wandered from topic to topic for a while, but finally settled on my novel, an extrapolation of a short story that I wrote last year. I began crafting more plot lines, fine tuning dialogue, and getting more inspired. Over the past few days I have written a few more pages and am poised to write a lot more. I have also done some historical research into the Berdan sharpshooters and am deciding whether to ground the novel squarely in history or simply not make any historical errors. No decision as of yet. I’m excited once again to write and create beyond myself. It’s a good place to be!

No palm trees in the mountains,but I'm getting my flat stomach back!

No palm trees in the mountains,
but I’m getting my flat stomach back!

This fitness excuse-This is clearly the weakest. I have only worked out twice-once was clearing the brush (that was quite intense on my own, because I usually have a 6’5″ strapping man to help me) and once was yesterday with the soccer team. And both kicked my butt! It is, in fact, sore and hurts to walk today. Coach hires an amazing instructor to do aerobics with the girls for an hour the first four days of practice. I couldn’t keep up, but feel good about myself today and have already dropped about 3 pounds since I started watching what I eat a few weeks ago. 

There is a lot going on in my life and I’m sure in your’s too. And while these are excuses for not having blogged, they are also proof that I am engaged in my faith, family, and hobbies.

What keeps you excited about life?