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Welcome to my blog! I am the wife of an amazing, talented, and giving man, the mother of two loving, energetic boys, the daughter of hardworking, loving parents, the sister of two blessed and fun siblings, and the friend of many. I am a Chaplain at an Episcopal school in Houston, Texas. In the past, I have been an English and history teacher, soccer coach, Children’s Minister, and a college instructor of religion (the best). I have a Masters in Theological Studies from “some school in Boston,” better known as Harvard. I enjoy playing with my children, reading and writing, studying scripture, watching TV and films, music, theatre, gardening, playing soccer, and supporting my husband’s soccer teams (he’s an amazing coach and his players hold a special place in our hearts). May 3, 2012, I became a Local Church Lay Servant in the United Methodist Church and felt that I needed to encourage people in their lives.  And so this blog was born. I am now an approved candidate for ordination as a Deacon in Christian Education in the United Methodist Church. I have one online class left through Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky and am completing my paperwork for commissioning.

I write on all sorts of topics–life, faith, parenting, teaching, athletics, writing, movies, music, travel, and more. I also love to laugh and often share funnies that brighten my day. My goal is to encourage those around me, and myself in the process. I hope you enjoy it and gain something from my journey.

Other random, sometimes humorous facts:

  • I am handy around the house. In one home, my husband and I finished a bonus room above our garage, including a bathroom. I designed the plumbing, pulled the electrical, and laid the tile and hardwood floors.
  • I was once a pageant queen, who won preliminary talent and ranked in the top 10 at Miss North Carolina.
  • I double minored in theatre and vocal music; I am a trained coloratura soprano.
  • I’m the middle child and when I was little I always prayed to be first in something. Then one day I was. I was the first of my siblings to get chickenpox. The moral of my itchy, oatmeal bath story, be careful what you pray for… (And parents consider the vaccine for your kids.)
  • I can throw a spiral, love to watch the NFL (Go Pats!), hike and tent camp, play tennis, cook, bake, decorate cakes, make chocolates, sew, knit, cross stitch, quilt, draw and paint, garden, read constantly, am interested in photography, the social sciences, humanities, and arts, can speak enough Spanish to get into trouble, read NT Greek, dabble in German, French, and Latin, and am a thoughtful and reflective registered independent.

20 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I posted this here to say thank you for following my blog. I have since not followed adoptingjamesblog. I love your blog and look forward to many more readings and will be back to read more. I am going to be doing some posts on the early Church Fathers. Not to convert anyone, but so people can know the truth. I have never tried to convert anyone in my life. People need to decide for themselves. I remember when I first started studying all of this how it brought such joy to my soul to find the 1500 years I was missing. It had to do nothing with being Catholic, but to do with the history of it all. Thank you for being so kind to me on the other blog. People wonder why we are so clanish at times, sometimes we have no choice. When you get told you are going to hell again and again and again, it gets old. To know both sides of the coin sometimes is hard. You can delete this if you want. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and let you know it meant the world to me. God Bless, SR

    • Thank you for your kind words! I too feel your pain over judgment and condemnation from people who don’t know the full extent of what they criticize. I have studied and taught religion for years, as a Christian and scholar. There is so much beauty in Christianity, and other religions as well. It is painful to see people who are afraid to learn about the “other” and spew their own understandings and falsehoods, because they think the “other” will contradict or challenge their own beliefs. And they are right, it will. The key is always to return to the love of God through the life of Jesus. That is the truth. All the rest are details. What I struggle with constantly is when to speak up and when to let it ride. I seriously considered if I needed to respond to adoptingjames post. I feared that my comments might be seen as preachy or be misinterpreted. I am blessed to have your support and the support of others! Thank you! Blessings ~W

      • W,

        Thank you for understanding. I know the struggle on “should I be quiet, should I speak up?” I will admit if I get tired of hearing it and it goes on and on, returning God’s love will escape me at times, for which I feel awful about. I will keep those words in my mind from now on and I think that will help me to hopefully keep quiet and if I have something to say do it in a teaching manner which I just did on my blog. I as well am blessed to have your support and the support of others! I did not convert very willingly as I think you might have read on my conversion story. You know when God calls, He calls, and you have to do what He wants you to do. I just wish we could all learn to live in peace. I think that would glorify God more than anything. God Bless, SR

  2. I’m so happy we could connect here. Reading your About Me I understand that you must be a wonderful person – wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Hope to get to know you better in the days ahead. Will visit your blog as often as I can. Don’t forget to remind me whenever you’ve a new post. Blessings to you and your dear ones!

  3. Thank you so much for coming to my blog today and giving me a virtual hug. I am amazed and inspired by all you have accomplished and the lives you are touching. It sounds like you’re sick today, so I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow. Chicken soup and rest, in addition to the things on your wonderful list of 10 reasons it’s good for a Mom to be sick. I love that!
    Take care and God Bless You.

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