Getting a Handle on Family Finances

It took a long time for me to be able to write an encouraging post about finances. Here it is!

Wendy Heinemann

moneyBefore I tell you what we’ve accomplished and where we are headed, I want to come clean about our financial history. Here goes:

My mom ran the finances in my childhood household. We always had what we needed, but never an overabundance. She used some kind of cash envelope system, which I didn’t understand. My parents had credit cards and I remember when they took out a second mortgage. I understood how to balance a checkbook, but got a credit card in college and admittedly charged too much with no real plan to pay it off.

My husband came from a large family that never had enough money. He grew up on food stamps and the charity of others. He lived for three years without electricity and his parents used the SSNs of the kids to open accounts. He inherited a mess and he didn’t have the knowledge or guidance to improve his situation.

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