Make Room

One of the perks of my job as a Chaplain is watching the kids during Chapel services. Eucharists are my favorite. I love to watch them come to the altar. I love to see the variety of expressions and reactions as they receive the body and blood.

Yesterday I was blessed with watching them come to the altar, not once, but twice, for ashes and Eucharist. And I did not offer the chalice; I just enjoyed the view.

Kneeling kids.JPGIt was a beautiful view!

One particular interaction spoke to me. There was a second grader at the end of the line who didn’t have a space to kneel. A fellow classmate, about four from the end, saw her standing behind him. He motioned to her and shifted to make room.

It was a simple action, one of common courtesy, but it made me think. How often do we shift to make room for someone else to get closer to Jesus?  Or rather, how often do we stay firmly planted and block someone else from seeing Jesus more clearly? How often do our actions prevent someone else from receiving the love of Christ?

May we make room for those who seek the love of God!

Prayer Focus: Those seeking a closer relationship with God this Lent.




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