I started reading Romans Chapter 3 this morning and I couldn’t get past the first clause.

Therefore being justified by faith.

I know what comes after it is important, but my heart stopped there.

How many things do I try to be justified by?

ChecklistI rate myself everyday on what I accomplish and what I don’t. Did I make sure my husband and children felt my love before we started our day? Did I get to work on time? Did I say the right things to my colleagues? Did I handle each child and their situation with dignity and respect? Did I use my office time wisely? Did I pray yet today? Did I read the scripture for me, not just for my job? Did I make healthy choices? Did I do everything I should have done before I left work? Did I greet my children and husband with love? Did I make a healthy dinner? Did I take care of the needs of my household, doing laundry, cleaning, budgeting? Did I spend quality time with my boys and husband? Did I? Did I? Did I?

I allow these answers to dictate how I feel about myself. Am I justified as a wife, mother, chaplain, teacher, colleague, daughter, friend? Am I worth anything to anyone?

And then these words, “justified by faith.”

It is a much needed reminder this morning. I am not what I do or don’t do. I am a child of faith. My value comes from my faith in Jesus Christ. And that is what is most important!

May we remember we are justified by our faith!

Prayer Request: Those struggling with self worth.


Image credit: pillarlawoffices.com


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