God Alone


It is challenging.

Currently, there are several people on my heart and prayer list who are struggling. They are dealing with separation from their children, devastating divorce, unexpected death, relentless bullying, lost friendship, daunting infertility, and purposeless days. I wish I could jump through the technology that connects us and be with them. Talk, reminisce, laugh, cry, read and pray. But even if I could magically teleport to their side, I still feel so ill equipped to offer words of comfort or inspiration.

I’ve been in the darkness too and I’ve always found the light. The thing is I can’t tell you exactly how. It has been a combination of factors – conversations, reading, movies, sermons, prayer, nature, and music. But it’s never the same. And each time I find myself in the depths, I don’t know what will pull me out of it. But it always comes.

I don’t have some magic remedy or pathway to the light to share.

Jeremiah 33.6God is the restorer. He always has been. He restored the land for Noah with the promise of the rainbow (Genesis 9). He restored the Israelites from slavery in Egypt (Exodus). He restored the exiles from Babylon (prophesied in Jeremiah 33). He restored Zechariah’s voice at the naming of his son, John the Baptist (Luke 1). He restored Saul’s sight through a man he sought to kill (Acts 9).

God alone can put the pieces back together. God alone can offer purpose. God alone can restore.

God Alone…
is my hope!

May we seek God!

He will heal and restore us!

Prayer focus: those in need of healing


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