A Reason for a Season

A great pastor once counseled my husband and me as we considered a life changing move. He said,

God puts us in a place, for a reason, for a season.

As we prayed and pondered his words, they became true for us. Our season in that place was over. God had more for us to do elsewhere.

When we consider changes in our lives, no matter how large or small, uncertainty reigns. We long for a simpler time, when the choice didn’t have to be made, when the direction was clear, and when confusion didn’t surround us. What we often forget is that God can use us despite our feelings, our projections, and our self-evaluations. We are fine where we are as long as we are allowing God to mold us and grow us.

A great artist once wrote,

Welcome to wherever you are.

And he was right too.

Wherever your place, whatever the reason, or how long the season, God can use you.

Are you ready?


2 thoughts on “A Reason for a Season

  1. What a joy you are – as are these posts. I can well identify with this one, as God continues to redefine His purpose for me in His Kingdom. It certainly has been an education and I marvel daily at how the minister is ministered to, the teacher is taught and how, each day, His purpose is made clear through and in the Light of servanthood. God bless you, dear Wendy – & may His Light continue to shine through you. Much love.

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