Mommy and the Moon


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I deal with Mommy guilt all the time. Do you?

I never do things the way I know I should. I don’t spend enough quality time with my boys. I don’t speak in a tone that is loving. I lose my temper too easily. I freak out about things that I shouldn’t. And I know it. And I instantly regret it. I read an article over break about being a bright start to your family’s day. That’s one I really struggle with. I am tired, rushed, and short with everyone. So, I resolved to make a change.

Today, I took the time to greet my boys with a smile and a hug, instead of a quick wake-up rustle. I took the time to say, “Good morning,” and mean it, and tell them that I loved them. It only took a few seconds. I saw to their breakfasts, instead of letting them fend for themselves or leaving it to Daddy. And it was worth it!

As my oldest and I left the house at 6:30, I felt like a good mother, no Mommy guilt. Driving to his childcare, I saw a beautiful moon set. We enjoyed its beauty together and talked about the coming day. After I dropped him off and started in to the city, I glanced moonward and it was disappearing behind clouds. There was a brief moment to enjoy it’s beauty, just as there was a brief moment to be a bright start to my family’s day. I’m grateful to have embraced both moments with my boys today.

May we always embrace moments to be a bright point in someone’s day!

Prayer Focus: Families and teachers returning to the school schedule following break.


2 thoughts on “Mommy and the Moon

  1. Wendy, what a wonderful way to start the day – being able to think about things enough to change the way you approach the day – realizing that the way YOU start means so much to the way THEY start. If we could think about this more often, how different our relationships with each other would be – my reaction to your niceness or meanness or loving or cruelty or whatever emotion or characteristic you are showing forth and reacting CHRISTlike and not CHRISlike or WENDYlike to others around us. You have made me think today and I guess that’s whole point, huh? God bless y’all – I’d be grateful for your prayers – back surgery on Thursday, 1/15. Much love to all, Chris

    • I have been thinking about you! Glad to hear from you. I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that your new year is off to an amazing start. Back surgery again, huh? Dr. Nixon again? I’ll keep you in my prayers for sure! Tell the gang hi for me. Lots of love, Wendy

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