Mirror God’s Love

This year, I’m starting something new for our boys. And maybe you can use it to!

Mirror love.

Each Sunday night, I write a new Bible verse or maybe a quote on their mirror. We talk about it and recite it each night at the family dinner table. I quiz the kids on it during play, in the car, and before bed.


This past week we meditated on I Timothy 1:15, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” And what was especially cool is that it was one of the scriptures used in today’s sermon…and I knew the address, which almost never happens. So, perhaps I’m doing this for me too. 0:-)

The bonus was that early in the week my oldest reciprocated, which I adore!!! All week long I was reminded that I am loved and appreciated and blessed to share these little fellows with an amazing father. It was powerful! (And it’s a good excuse not to clean my bathroom.)


Well, it’s Sunday night and time for a new verse. (And a good excuse to clean the filthy mirror of 4 and 7 year old boys.) This week’s mirror love is, “with God all things are possible,” from Matthew 19:26b. I look forward to their thoughts tomorrow as we start this week’s talks.

May we all find ways to mirror God’s love to those around us!

And I gotta be honest after the impact my son’s mirror love made on me, I’m even tempted to write myself some inspiring messages to read first thing in the morning.

Prayer focus: Those who struggle to feel God’s worth and find purpose in this world.


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