Christmas Chaos in the Key of C

Christmas and I have a love/hate relationship!

I love the Christ Child, the joy, the music, the decorations, the special services, and the family time.

I hate the pace and never having enough time to get everything done.

For me today was particularly hard. After two days where I did too much and stayed up too late (I actually feel asleep on the couch both nights), I was looking forward to a simple Wednesday at work…one chapel to assist with and three classes. Enter a text message at 6:15am whilst brushing my teeth. The Chaplain is out sick. Oh, we just doubled down on the day. I’ll see your one chapel and three classes and raise you running two chapels and teaching four classes, one of them to over 150 kids.

I am pleased to say “Mission Accomplished.” I wrote and preached two homilies, ran two chapel services, one with a surprise faculty choir for the students, taught three of my regular classes, and threw in a lecture with full A/V to boot. It was a chaotic day! I barely got a break and when I did, it wasn’t long enough.

But in the midst of the chaos after two classes and the second service, a student stopped me in the lobby. He asked me about good people suffering. I was able to share with him my faith and my understanding of God’s generosity and love for mankind. We talked about man’s perspective and God’s perspective, and having the faith to trust God when we don’t understand. I was blessed to share with that young man. It was beautiful!

I’m sure you have your own chaos, but here’s some chaos that is beautiful and guaranteed to make you smile.

May we find beauty in the Christmas chaos!

And it doesn’t hurt to hide in your office and eat Christmas cookies either. 🙂


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