Let It Go: Media Monday

It was bound to happen…another post in the blogosphere about the iconic song from Frozen, “Let It Go.” I have succumb to the pressure and hype. I can’t claim that it’s original, but I hope it’s at least helpful.

Every time a song, film, or novel becomes popular there is a line of critics ready to tear it down. “Let It Go” and Frozen were no different. It was anti-feminist; it was too feminist; she was too pretty; she was too strong; she was too weak; she set a false standard for our children. The list goes on. I entertain them all.

Pardon my self-indulgent aside: I entertained the critics with Harry Potter, the Left Behind series, The Passion of the ChristNoahGod’s Not Dead, and countless others. And I rejoice! Yes, I rejoice. No one song, film, or novel can be the definitive work. Every song, film, and novel can however begin a conversation. And we need more of those. We need parents who encourage their children to ask questions and to share. We need children who feel comfortable questioning and sharing. We need adults to have honest and open conversations. We need teachers and communities engaged. Anything that gets us talking is better than silence.

With respect to all the opinions, here’s my take: “Let It Go” has undoubtedly become the theme song for the film. With that status, it has also become the focus of much of the criticism. Nearly every child in America can sing it, so we should be aware of the themes. Can we take issue with some of them? Yes. But, ‘should we take issue with them?’ is a much better question. I say, ‘No.’ Elsa is in the middle of her journey. She is learning. She is growing. She is emotional. “Let It Go” is merely a stepping stone in the process of her becoming the loving, generous queen in the final scenes.

So as you ponder my Media Monday offering, embrace the snowy ice queen’s mantra, “Let IT Go.”

We all have people

who will belittle us, make us feel worthless and cheap, and destroy our sense of self.

Let IT Go!

We all have temptations

that pull us from the Truth, challenge our principles, and prevent us from being who we were called to be.

Let IT Go!

We all have garbage

that weighs us down, riddles us with guilt, regret, and fear, and holds us back.

Let IT Go!

God is ready to take all our critics, temptations, and garbage and guide us to become the loving, generous, best versions of ourselves too.

Are you ready to “Let It Go”

and become who you were called to be?


One thought on “Let It Go: Media Monday

  1. Well said, dear Wendy. Mercifully, I do not know about the hype and the criticism because I have not heard the song – but I do know about letting it go and it is a struggle that gets a lot of time some times and not any time at all at others. But I try to be one who helps and listens to others when it is their turn to try. God bless you.

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