Beauty in the Name

UMC-Book-of-DisciplineWe confess belief in the triune God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This confession embraces the biblical witness to God’s activity in creation, encompasses God’s gracious self-involvement in the dramas of history, and anticipates the consummation of God’s reign.

How many times have I heard, read, or said “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit“?

How many times have you?

We hear them, read them, and say them so often their power can be lost on us. We are lulled into a place of comfort and even complacency. Yet such simplistic and beautiful words, words of truth, words of power, are life changing.

Father-the creator of all

Son-God’s gracious self-involvement in human drama

Holy Spirit-the anticipation of God’s final victory when we will be with Him for all time

May we always remember the beauty in His name!

Prayer focus: Those struggling with their faith


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