Vince Lombardi Rises

Vince Lombardi got a lot of things right! 

Get Back Up LombardiIf he hadn’t, do you really think there would be a trophy named after him? And not just any trophy, but the Superbowl trophy?

When Vince was a young man, he explored a calling to the priesthood and studied for six years with that goal in mind. As Vince discerned his call, he embarked on another path that would eventually lead to football fame. But, Vince never left his faith behind. He shared it with those around him and allowed it to greatly influence his coaching style.

I love this quote of his! Lombardi, the coach, understood that in sports we all get knocked down, but the true athlete will always get back up. Lombardi, the man of faith, understand that in life we all get knocked down, but, through faith, we are empowered to rise!

I think he would have liked this song.

May we Rise and Sing today and everyday,

celebrating the glory of God!


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