Lines of Praise

Musical Concert - Christian - clappingI love praise music. I listen to it throughout my day, as I wake in the morning, as I work in my office, as I drive in my car. It helps keep earthly trials in perspective and helps me bask in God’s love. Here are some of the lines I return to frequently.

I’m trading my sorrows. I’m trading my shame. I’m laying them down for the joy of the Lord.


Bless the Lord, oh my soul. Oh my soul. Worship His Holy name. Sing like never before, Oh my soul. Worship His Holy name.


Praise BandSavior, He can move the mountains. My God is mighty to save. He is mighty to save. Forever, author of salvation. He rose and conquered the grave. Jesus conquered the grave.


You see the depths of our hearts and you love us the same.


If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.

Praise the Lord!

Prayer focus: Those struggling with earthly things

What are lines of praise that you gravitate towards?


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