Top 10 Delusions of Motherhood

When I was young, I had delusions of grandeur and how my life would be. I’ve adjusted. When I was pregnant, I too had delusions about how motherhood would be. Now, that  I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for over 6 years, they too are gone!

But for your reading and laughing pleasure, here are the Top 10 Delusions of Motherhood:

Parenting10. My breast-feed baby will never get sick.

9. I can do 5 loads of laundry in 3 hours.

8. My boys will always have their hair combed.

7. After the first few weeks, I’ll be able to sleep normally again.

6. I will be a put-together mom with clothing, hair and make-up done each day.

5. I will go to the bathroom by myself.

4. My child will listen to what I say and when he doesn’t, time-out will work.

3. My house will remain clean and orderly.

2. My child will not throw a fit in public.

1. Having children will not affect my sex life.

Having children changes everything!

Prayer Focus: struggling parents


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