A Great Adventure

First, let me say that God works in mysterious ways. It is no secret to anyone who reads my blog that I miss being in education and that I don’t feel that I have been able to use my gifts to the fullest during the past five years. I have prayed; our family has prayed. To be specific, we prayed for something to happen here. Apparently, God had other plans.

TXSo…we’re moving to Houston!

One Saturday morning out of the blue, a little private FB message came to Coach asking if he’d consider moving to Houston to resurrect a girls soccer program and teach math. We laughed. Us? Houston? It was not something we had ever considered or even thought to consider. Rather than offer a quick and rash response, we talked about it, prayed about it. We agreed that this was clearly something put in our path for a reason and we should explore it.

So we did. We googled a lot. We talked to the source of that pivotal PM. We talked to our immediate families. We talked to our spiritual counsel. We talked to God. At every turn, it seemed as though we were being prompted to consider it further, so we did.

Coach submitted an official application to the school, Episcopal HS. I found a wonderful opportunity to teach Bible at Houston Christian HS and I submitted an application. We both conducted very successful phone interviews and, over Spring Break, we flew to Houston. We visited family and friends, ate some amazing food, explored the city, and interviewed. We loved it!

Coach was the last candidate to interview for his position; I was the first. So while I continue to wait, we received, prayed about, questioned, and eventually accepted an offer for next year at Episcopal High School. Coach will teach four classes with two preps (vs. the five classes and three preps he has now) and coach one season (vs. the two he has now). EHS is a day school, so in his off seasons, fall and spring (soccer is in the winter in TX), he’s done no later than 4. Another amazing perk is that EHS will fully fund his masters in Math Education, something we just haven’t been able to do here. What a huge blessing this has turned out to be for him and our family!

As for me, I am still waiting to hear from HCHS. I have also applied to a church for a Director of Family Ministries. And I am reaching out to various networks in the area that I’m affiliated with–the UMC, Emmaus, Harvard, and contacts through EHS. God has offered our family this opportunity, so I continue to explore and see what God has in store for me!

The monkeys found out Saturday afternoon during a big family cuddle session on our bed. Little Man was full of questions; Monkey rolled off the bed and played, listening here and there. Once we discussed it all, they were most excited about flying to house hunt, having their own bedrooms, eating dinner at our table together every night (instead of the dining hall), being close to the beach, and seeing the USS Texas. Little Man is telling absolutely everyone. I hope they can handle his excitement today at school! Monkey is not phased at all, except that he’s ready to see an x-ray machine at the airport and be the first one in the family to have a birthday in our new house.

So the lesson of the story,

You don’t always get what you pray for, sometimes you get something better!

Prayer focus: those making HUGE life decisions






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