For Teach

It’s no secret that I love my husband. I’m crazy about him. To my blog readers, he’s Coach. But today, I’ll write him as Teach.

Teach has been in the classroom for 11 years now, taught everything from Algebra to AP BC Calculus. He sets a standard and holds kids accountable. He’s dedicated; he has these highly developed websites with all sorts of help for each topic. He gives extra help for any student who asks. He teaches hard work, accountability, perseverance, and a little math on the side.

When I saw this video, I saw Teach. This guy and Teach are alike in the classroom. And like every other teacher, there’s a side of them their students don’t know.

In a classroom, Teach’s students don’t see a lot of things:  Teach laughing and playing with his sons, Teach leading a song with the Praise Band at church, Teach overseeing the fun chaos of Children’s Church, Teach cuddling with his wife to a movie and popcorn, Teach volunteering to help those in need, and Teach leading our family with a heart for God.

In the classroom, Teach does talk about his faith. And it’s starting to get through…

This week, Teach was working with a student, who took a little while to buy into the whole hard work and accountability plan. Now that she has, class is getting much better for her. As they were working through some problems after school, she shared,

My mom and I were talking in the car. And we decided that if I didn’t know the answer that I would just write ‘Jesus.’ Because we know that you wouldn’t count that wrong.

As Teach told me the story, I was filled with pride in my husband, a fellow educator, and a fellow Christian.

Well played, Teach! You got to that one!

May we live so that others see our faith!

Prayer Focus:  Those who learn and those who teach


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