Top 10 Prayer Topics

prayerFact: We should pray more!

Prayer is basic. It’s communication with God. And the key to a good relationship is good communication.

Some people have chunks of time to pray. And some people, like me, have to eek out small moments throughout the day. It doesn’t matter when you pray or for how long. It only matters that you talk to God!

At a loss for words?

Try these Top 10 Prayer Topics:

10. Your community, state, national and world leadership

9. Those who struggle with addiction, poverty, and sickness

8. Broken families from death, divorce, and distance

7. The children of the world for wisdom and opportunity

6. Your church family. Your pastor. Your teachers. Your brothers and sisters.

5. Your family.

4. Guidance through life, the good times and the bad.

3. Opportunities and gifts to serve.

2. Asking forgiveness for your sins.

1. Gratitude for the blessings in your life!

May we communicate with God each day!


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