Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Worship

Last week, my pastor, mentor, and friend offered ten ways to improve your worship. He was spot on, so here they are:

1. Pray

man praying

Talk to your best friend. If you want your worship to be awesome,

then you need to know the One you are worshipping.

2. Read your Bible.

Open Bible

Start with Psalms, Gospel of Mark

3. Obey God

Trust and Obey

One of the biggest problems with our society today is that we know right from wrong,

and we do the wrong anyway!

4. Tithe

Offering  Plate

Nothing will make you closer to the Lord that giving Him that which is most precious to you!

5. Fellowship


The beauty, the strength,  the thing you really get out of going to church is eternal relationships!

6. Share the love


Showing the love that God gave you in the way you live your life.

7. Serve others

Serve others

Give out of your blessings and you will be blessed.

8. Be thankful.

Be thankful

All that you have is a gift from God.

9. Surrender


God wants all of you, even those parts that you don’t want to give him.

10. Remember that God made you for a purpose.

Purpose Find Yours

Without faith…

Fellowship is just hanging out.

Discipleship is just a brain teaser.

Ministry is just spinning your wheels.

Evangelism is just selling something you don’t believe.

Matt 19 26

May we walk with Jesus daily!


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