Finding Contentment

When I was young, I had delusions of grandeur. I was going to own a beautiful home with a beautiful family and everything was going to be beautiful. I was going to be an actress. People would laugh and cry and forget their worries. I was going to be a singer. People would pay to hear me perform. I was going to be a writer. People would say I was a literary genius. I would make a difference. I would transform lives. I would be remembered.

Phil 4 12After years of living and learning, I have exchanged my delusions of grandeur for my joys in reality. I live in a home in a beautiful mountains of God’s creation. I celebrate my family. Sometimes we are beautiful; sometimes we are dysfunctional. But we are always family. My greatest audience now is a congregation of my friends and fellow seekers. I usually make them laugh, but have made them cry too. I sing to them and sometimes they put money in the offering plate and pay God for the gift he gave me. I write. The verdict is still out on the literary genius thing. (Okay, so I haven’t traded that one in yet.) I do make a difference to my family, my friends, my students, and anyone who will let me. I’ve realized that I can’t transform lives, but I know who can and I give Him all the power and the credit. And as for being remembered, only time will tell…

May we find contentment in our lives!


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