The Death of Paper: Media Monday

SurfaceI love my tablet!

I use it in meetings to take notes. I write on it…it has Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you know. I study my Bible on it. I read books on it. I watch an inappropriate amount of Netflix on it…I have been reliving some great 80s TV series. I put puzzles together on it. It keeps my kids quiet as we wait for our food in restaurants. I shop on it. It’s amazing!

Now, I read the whole thing about “getting a divorce” from technology as a New Year’s Resolution thing, but as I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions and I really just got the thing, we’re still in our honeymoon phase and divorce is not in the picture.

In all fairness, I prefer my marked-up, falling-apart Bible and I like the smell of a leather bound book in my hand. But I thoroughly enjoy the convenience a tablet provides.

I’m very glad I have not gone as far as this man:

So funny!

May we laugh each day, even on a Monday!

And remember to keep our opinions to ourselves,

because sometimes they comes back to bite us in the…


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