Microcosm Theory

Microcosm Theorymicrocosm theory (n.): the belief that particular days foreshadow those areas of life

Let me explain:

Let’s consider my honeymoon: We hopped B&Bs and tent camped in the mountains of NC . We ate at some amazing restaurants and also ate pizza at a picnic table. We lost $7 at a casino. I forget a dress and we had to backtrack to get it. Our car broke down and we rode in the back of a patrol car to the auto store for Coach to get the parts to fix it. We saw well-known historical sites and objects and found a few hidden ones as well. We slept in big beds with fire places. We were in love!

So how has that fleshed out in our marriage? We have lived in 4 different cities, in 5 different apartments and houses. And tent camped all over. (It’s about to pick up again now that the boys are older!) We are pretty darn good cooks, but sometimes we resort to corn dogs and mac n’ cheese. We haven’t been back to the casino, but I still lose small amounts of money on lottery tickets when the jackpot is huge. I still lose things and Coach still helps me find them. Our cars continually break down and Coach is continually dealing with it. (Though, to be fair, we have not seen the inside of a patrol car since then!) We have continued to travel and explore our great world. We sleep in a California king bed every night, had a fire place for a while, want another one! And we are still very much in love!

If I apply Microcosm Theory to January 1, what does 2014 have in store for me? Sleeping in. Yes please! Reading. Love it! Snipping some PS3 hostiles with Coach. Isn’t our bonding so romantic? Fussing at my kids for not listening. Uh huh! Working in the yard with my family. It was all fun and games until Coach got swallowed by a privet entwined with thorns. Then not so much. Cleaning the house, doing laundry, preparing food. Typical. Eating and talking with my family and friends. I do love my friends and eating! Playing games. For the record, I can tear you up in Sports Champions 2 bowling. I got 7 strikes in a row. Putting my kids to bed with prayers and songs. Best part of the day! And going to bed way too late. With my love!

2014 is going to be great!

So based on Microcosm Theory, what does 2014 have in store for you?


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