Resolving Not to Resolve

Today is the day.

We dream about all the things we want add to or eliminate from our lives. We dream about how wonderful life will be when we finally do. And the list is long. There is so much left to do with our lives. And tomorrow is the start of something new and wonderful!

We vow to post on our blogs every day.

We vow to eat healthier food.

We vow to paint that room or finish that design concept…finally.

We vow to get in shape, drop a few pounds, and tone our muscles.

We vow to start that degree or finish that degree.

We vow to read our Bible, pray, and fellowship more faithfully.

We vow to get our yard, our house, our finances, our legal affairs in order.

We vow to travel to that destination on our bucket list.

We vow to be slower to anger and more ready to laugh with our children, our friends, and our family.

We vow to be the best version of ourselves, the best us we can imagine.

And then comes January 2, January 3, and so on. And each of our noble vows becomes a challenge, a stumbling block. Our inability to keep them makes us feel like a failure. And then we rewrite the rules, tweek the plan, and somehow end up further from our ideal self than when we started.

So I invite you to join with me, resolving not to resolve. Don’t make a New Year’s Resolution! January 1 is not the day to set goals and become the you that you dream of.

sunriseInstead, I invite you to join me in being the best we can be each and every day: to love where we are, to serve others, to laugh, to express our creativity, to learn something new, and to embrace responsibility; to recognize that the perfect us will never be, perfection only belongs to our Savior. But you and I will find moments of perfection and cling to them when the failures come. And you and I will rise to a new day and start all over again!

Each day is a new beginning!


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