Just a Second

FBCoach and I have been education for over 10 years now. We’re old enough (but not old yet) to have former students who are married and have children. FB has been such a blessing to us. We’ve been able to stay connected to students and families who made a huge difference in our lives, kids who were less than stellar students, but amazing people, and athletes we coached. We’ve enjoyed watching them fall in love, get engaged, plan weddings, get married, announce their pregnancies, and have children. We’re especially proud when we learn they are in education or following that dream they talked with us about in their teenage years. What a blessing to watch another person mature and find their place in the world!!!

What we have trouble with is when we learn of a tragedy or illness that is befalling this special group of people–the loss of a parent or sibling, the consequences of poor life choices, or personal illness. My heart breaks for them and I regret that I’m not around to make them smile and laugh, take them their favorite yummies, play a silly game of Apples to Apples, or talk like we used to.

Currently, Coach and I have two former students who are heavy on our hearts and minds, both dealing with cancer, both full of so much promise. Kind-hearted. Funny. Adventuresome. Wonderful!! Students we enjoyed teaching; students we enjoyed as people!

And as I’ve been thinking about and praying for them, their families, and their medical teams, I’ve been mindful of all those struggling with illness. This video came to me this morning from a photographer friend who understands this struggle with cancer. She saw the beauty. I see the beauty. I hope you do too!

May we remember those with cancer and endeavor to give them a few seconds!

Prayer focus: those struggling with cancer and those who care for them


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