For the Girls

Today is the Christmas parade in town. Our UMW group, WINGS (Women in God’s Service), is sponsoring a float in partnership with all the Methodist Churches in the county and the childcare center in our church. It’s a great thing! A show of unity and love! I’m so proud to be a part of it!

The parade’s theme is All I want for Christmas is… We went with a generic, White Christmas! We’ve gathered stuff, made stuff, painted stuff, and are to assemble the float in less than two hours.

And here’s the catch–both my monkeys have fevers. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to finish this project with my friends. I want to, but being a mom, my monkeys come first. So I’ll be pumping them full of liquids, icy pops, and whatever else I can get them to eat and thinking of my friends, wishing I could be with them.

So this is for the girls, I wish I was with you!!!

May we remember those who pick up the slack when winter sickness comes our way!

Prayer focus: those who are sick and those who take care of them


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