Falling Away

Life is gone...

The life is gone…
Photo credit: Coach

From the valley I look upward.

The mountains rise all around,

to explore, to take me to grand vistas,

to exhaust me with their endlessness.

I enjoy them, race to them, embrace them.

Then I watch them change.

The green fades to crimson and gold.

The blue skies and the colors dance.

Their play decorates the world for a time,

then their color slips away.

The wind, the rain, the cold–

the sicknesses of life invade.

It beats them down,

destroys their inherit beauty.

Piles of what used to be rest on the ground,

reminders of a time gone by,

remnants of a life, now dead.

Looking at the decay,

the results of time and change,

my heart cries out,

“Heavenly Father, don’t let me fall away too!”

May we always stay connected to our faith,

regardless of our surroundings!


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