You Have No Idea: Media Monday

When I say BC, do you know what I mean?

No, it’s not the traditional system for dating–Before Christ–that the politically correct want to change to BCE–Before Common Era. It’s something far more pivotal in my life than the year, or the approximation of the year, that Christ was born. It’s a dating system based on the single event that changed my life the most, having children.

British comedian Michael McIntyre does a remarkable job at explaining how life differs for those of us who use the BC dating system from those who have no idea.


Coach and I often talk about life Before Children. It was so different. We napped; we slept in. We ate when we were hungry. We went to the movies…on weeknights. We didn’t know!

We also didn’t know the joy that was to come!

May we always remember that trials and blessings often come hand-in-hand!


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