Happy Veterans Day: Media Monday

Veterans Day

I wish I had time today to express my gratitude in eloquence as in year’s past, but I don’t. Instead, here are a few links to archived posts about the military:

Band of Brothers – last year’s Veteran’s Day tribute, featuring my favorite clip from the HBO miniseries

Coins on Tombstones – the history of the tradition

In Honor of Their Service – a memorial Day Sermon based on Acts 1:1-8, featuring a graduate of my boarding school who participated in the Dolittle Raid over Japan in WWII

Memorial Day Reality Check – featuring some very talented soldiers and cheerleaders, guaranteed to make you laugh!

Soldier’s Deck of Cards – an amazing card trick and tribute to our military, guaranteed to make you cry!

Unbroken – a book review of the Lauren Hillenbrand’s telling of Louis Zamperini’s amazing life as a troubled youth, Olympian, soldier, POW, and forgiven man (It’s being made into a movie!)

Weird and Unaware – a reflection on a line from Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington’s autobiography, Baa Baa Blacksheep

May we always remember that our freedoms are secured with a heavy price.

And may we always be grateful!


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