Simple Things: A Late Night Media Monday

It’s Monday and I’m already overwhelmed. I spent the majority of the weekend resting from the allergy haze I pushed through during the week or fellowshipping with my church peps. I didn’t really do anything around the house, so the laundry and cleaning is piled up. At work, my boss is gone for a week and a half and we have a fairly complicated event this Friday. And I’m basically running it. And it’s only Monday.

As I was going through the night time ritual with the boys, my heart was not in it. It was one of those nights when I was just going through the motions, waiting for them to go to bed, so I could crash. As Little Man was showering, he began to sing. At first I couldn’t make it out. When I listened more closely, it was clear. And I had to record it! (Please excuse the Lysol and Scrubbing Bubbles product placement! Unfortunately, I was not compensated for their appearance. 😉 )

I love my boys! And it’s moments like this that I realize what a blessing they are in my life.

May we always appreciate the simple things

that reveal God’s love to us!


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