New Encouragement: Weekend Praise

So let’s talk about the joy and pain of blogging.

If you read my blog with any regularity (you know who you are and I love you), you are familiar with the common theme of living for God in this chaotic world. As a wife, mother, employee, and volunteer, it’s easy for me to get so busy that I loose sight of God, and consequently, I don’t write regularly. Part of it is lack of time and part of it is lack of subject matter. It’s hard to be encouraging when I’ve not taken the time to be encouraged myself.

So to ease the process and keep this ministry vibrant, I created a hootsuite account over the summer which allows me to plan lots of little posts–Bible verse, inspirational quotes, and images–for the FB and twitter feeds. I usually set a week or more at a time. And as I subscribe to my own blog’s pages, (fellow writers, I know I’m not alone here), I too am feed weekly by the tweets and updates. What am discovering is that while the little posts were nice and sweet, Sunday school type posts when I selected them, when I read them at their post times, they seem meant for just me and what I’m dealing with on that particular day. It’s clearly a God thing!

Since that strategy has become such a blessing to me and others (as analytical stats prove, yes we writers love those too), I’m adding another layer of regularity to keep us encouraged as well. And in a medium that I LOVE!

Please welcome…

Weekend Praise

Each weekend, songs of inspiration, praise, and rejoicing will post while I’m in the midst of my typically kid-filled, housework laden, from here to there chaos.

My prayer for this new “column” is:

May these songs make us pause for a few moments, return our thoughts to God, find our center in His love, and plunge back into the weekend with renewed energy and purpose.

So let the praise begin…


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