DriftwoodI feel myself drifting from God’s love.

It’s not that He’s not there;

It’s not that I don’t know.

It’s the rhythm of life,

A rhythm that beats away from Him

That draws me further out,

Pushes me deeper in.

But I am not lifeless wood

To be beaten around by chance;

I have free will,

Will that I control,

That determines my outlook,

That empowers me to act,

That allow me to choose.

I choose to be blessed.

I choose to have compassion.

I choose to accept love.

I choose to remember the cross!

May we choose to remember God’s love in the midst of our busy lives!


2 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. A great poem that shakes one to remember that we can choose to honor God and to draw close to Him no matter the storms in your life. I will be following you to see what God is doing through you. If you get the chance, please check out my Christian blog as well. Praying God will use you mightily today!

    • Thank you so much! God is doing great things and I’m blessed to be a small part of it. I will certainly check out your blog as well! Blessings!

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