Remembering We Are Blessed

The school year is flying! Little Man has gotten the hang of the whole Kindergarten thing. He’s frequently coming home with excellent behavior reports and classwork. He’s trying hard and finding success. It makes my heart dance! Little Monkey is really getting the hang of potty training and we’re getting closer to a diaper-free home. He’s adjusting to being brother-less during the day and becoming a three-year old terror. (This too shall pass.) Coach has just finished his first set of progress reports and Fall Break is right around the corner. I am loving life! My boys are happy and healthy. My husband and I are madly in love after all this time. Tomorrow is the anniversary of our first date in 1999. My relationship with God is happy and healthy. I’m growing in my faith, reaching out to others, and serving God. I am blessed!

Great read!

Great read!

One of the things that I’m really enjoying right now is a small group that is meeting in our home. We are studying Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love.  It is an easy read, but very thought provoking. I highly recommend it. To facilitate discussion, we watch his short video clips where he gives you a few questions to discuss. Last night, Chapter 3, we focused on being close to God. What can you do during the week to remind you of God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice, and the life you are called to?

We came up with four really good answers, I think.

  1. Our children. They are a clear blessing from God. Looking at them reminds us of His love and the love is took to sacrifice His own child. They also remind us that we are their example. They will listen to our teachings and watch the way we live.
  2. Music. Listening to Christian music, praise music, hymns, keeps God forefront in your mind. Allows you to focus on Him and block out some of the mundane parts of life that can drag you down. Little Man has recently commented on our musical choices, “When I hear songs about God, it makes me think about God.” That’s the idea!

    A small glass pebble to some- a reminder of God's love to me

    A small glass pebble to some-
    a reminder of God’s love to me

  3. A token. This past Sunday, our children blessed crosses to take to the people of Honduras this fall as part of a church mission trip. They were also given them pocket crosses to serve as a reminder. I was recently given a small red glass pebble to symbolize the blood of Christ. It now lives on my desk at work and serves as a reminder in the place where I struggle the most. Coach and I are also wearing bracelets from our Emmaus walk.

    Wearing a reminder

    Wearing a reminder (Bon Jovi style)

  4. Replace the common response. How many times a day do you get asked, “How are you doing?” The frequent responses are, “OK,” “Can’t complain,” or the grammatically correct “Well.” What if we replaced that with, “Blessed.” It will serve as not only a reminder, but also an opportunity.

We are loved and pursued by a Mighty God!

What things do you do to remember God’s love in the midst of your chaotic week?


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