My Agape Angel

agapeThis past weekend during my Emmaus Walk, I was showered with agape in many ways. I was transformed.

As I shared with my fellow pilgrims on the Walk, I have a studied the Bible a lot–6 years in higher education, numerous Bible studies and small groups, and intense personal study. I had a lot of head knowledge and a good bit of heart knowledge about God. After this experience, I can honestly say that my heart knowledge now outweighs my head knowledge. This shift confirmed one very important thing for me.

Since I made my initial declaration to become ordained, there have been roadblocks, doubts, and reality to get in the way. There were more classes to take than I thought. There were more hoops to jump through than I thought. There was far more money involved than I thought. It felt like too much. I had put the idea on hold for a better time in my life and our family’s life. With the help of my Emmaus sisters’ openness and support, I had the courage to proclaim that calling “loud and proud” and push forward. As I shared the words, I still felt a nagging within me say, “but how are you and your family going to do this?” I answered, “If this is what God wants, He will prepare the way!”

Yesterday my family and I were blessed with substantial support from an anonymous source. This person-don’t even know if it’s a man or woman or couple-wanted to help Coach and I as we embark on this journey. In God’s great faithfulness, He did prepare the way; it will cover over half of my classes! What a confirmation of my calling! What a faithful God! What a blessing from my Agape Angel!

May we always seek to share God’s love with others,

because it transforms lives!



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