True Communication



How many of the world’s problems could be solved with true communication? From the struggles that we face as individuals and families to the struggles of institutions and governments?

A husband who doesn’t talk to his wife anymore. A victim who refuses to advocate for herself. A man who blames God for the consequences of his decisions. A employee who disrespects the boss over policy changes. A bank who has three departments that don’t share information. A church who fixates on details over love. A country who opts for weapons over words.

Honest words can prevent, shed light on, or remedy all these situations. But words are not the only form of communication as this three minute commercial from Thailand reminds us.

May our words and actions communicate who we are called to be!


One thought on “True Communication

  1. This is so true-communication is the basic social skill for all peace. Truth is also the basis for communication that leads to happiness. Be true to yourself and others and you will be rewarded. Having faith in each other shows respect and love. I am always truthful but struggle with confrontation. I am learning by just communicate the truth. Life is full of challenges-so communicate and be honest with your feelings.

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