Can’t Contain Myself

Sept. 19-22 Bring it on!

Sept. 19-22
Bring it on!

I’m soooo excited! This Thursday I begin my Walk to Emmaus, a weekend spiritual retreat from The Upper Room, a worldwide daily devotional organization. Coach went last weekend on the men’s walk. I can tell that the weekend had a profound affect on him. He was sworn to secrecy about the content of the experience, so that my experience would be as authentic as his. But I can tell there is so much inside of him that he wants to share and tell me. On Sunday night, we will get a chance to talk openly about his time and mine. It’s going to be a huge blessing!

Last week, we had revival at my church. This past Sunday I taught Sunday School. Coach and I started an in-home small group based on the book Crazy Love last night. I’m revved up! I’m ready!

Can we fast forward to Thursday at 4pm? Can someone else work for me in the office, cut my boys hair, do laundry, and just let me go?

I want to grow, learn more, be challenged, be directed in a meaningful way. I’m stoked!!!

May we find excitement in growing closer to God!


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