Not enough

Being “in the church,” we often talk about our prayer life. I openly confess that mine is not what I would like it to be, what I know it should be, or what it is called to be. It’s not enough!

As a busy wife and mother (oh, did I mention I work 40 hours a week too?), I struggle to find the time to spend with God. I struggle to find time to read His Word, to pray, to worship, and to study when His will is my focus, rather than the next item on my list. I know I am not alone in this struggle!

I pray because CS Lewis

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Perhaps Lewis’ words can help me, and you, realize that prayer is a heart cry to a constant God, not a perfectly formulated speech to appease the world. That all God wants our helplessness and He will transform it!

May we create time to pray and be changed!

When do you find time to pray in the chaos of your life?


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