Why is it not Friday?!?

This has been a crazy week. School started up again and I’m slammed with data entry. We celebrated Little Monkey’s 3rd birthday. Coach has his first soccer game today. I finish up my latest Lay Speaking Class tonight. I’m preaching twice on Sunday. Ahhhhh!

I am so ready for the weekend, where I will not be relaxing but clothes shopping for two monkeys who are growing like weeds!

And then I saw this:

Bora Bora Sea Restaurant

Bora Bora Sea Restaurant

Pretty neat place to eat! I started imaging myself there, instead of sitting in my office entering data into field after field. I started to think about all the sunblock I would need to keep from getting burnt like that lady in the foreground. I started thinking how weird it would be to sit in the ocean and eat sea food. Would you sit in a chicken coop and eat eggs? Or in a cow pasture and eat steak? And then I read this comment by Wayne King Jr.:

 You can drink and pee in the water at the same time.

Thank you Mr. King! You have made my afternoon. I needed a good laugh and now maybe I can make it to quitting time!

May we always find humor in life!



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