Belief in the Midst of Pain

Belief in the Midst of PainWho doesn’t struggle with this?

Life is full of pain from financial struggles, employment craziness, relationship drama, and deaths. Some you see coming. Some you don’t.  Some will completely alter your life. Some are simply hurdles to jump over. But they all change you.

And this pain always surrounds us. We have family, friends, co-workers who deal with these things in their turn, but almost always someone is hurting. And it saddens my heart.

As a young musician, Jeremy Camp married the women he loved though she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Their marriage was short, but rich. The first song he wrote following her death captures the essence of the struggle and the joy of still believing. (For the full story, click here.)

Recently, my community lost a wonderful man and we don’t understand. He and his wife taught Little Man’s Sunday school class. And he was loved! The celebration of life service was a month ago. And I’m still reliving the stories told, the tears shed, and the memories mine. To make sense of it all, I wrote A Celebration of Departure.

A college friend struggling with his faith and asking me questions lead to long conversation. He had believed so strongly once, but during painful high school years that faith had disappeared. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to say, so I told him he had to claim it again. To believe.

We all struggle to make sense of what we don’t understand, what we don’t see. We need to find our own means of therapeutic expression-music, writing, art, exercise, cleaning, conversation, prayer, and tears.

When we do, we become a powerful example of God’s forgiveness, grace, and love for others. Jeremy Camp is now happily married with a family. I have found some peace through my writing and have helped others who are stuggling with death. My friend from college reclaimed his faith in the month or so following our long walk and chat and today he works in campus ministry, sharing his struggle with other college students and helping them claim their own relationship with Christ.

May we seek to maintain our belief in the midst of pain.


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