A Celebration of Departure

In Loving MemoryDeath is a paradox.

It’s heart-breaking and heart-blessing.

It’s defeating and rejuvenating.

It’s an earthly tragedy and a heavenly victory.

It reveals us and challenges us.

In all its complex dichotomy,

we swim like a child who has drifted just beyond safety,

struggling for the railing,

bobbing for the comfort of a tip-toe touch,

reaching for a steady hand to guide us home.

Home to family and faith.

Home to hospitality and hope.

Home to laughter and love.

Rejecting our frustration, helplessness, and longing.

Stories shared, lessons learned.

Hearts touched, lives changed.

The Gift of One Life.

Our Gratitude. His Legacy.

Eternal Peace.



For Butch.


2 thoughts on “A Celebration of Departure

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