Tolerating Pain with a Sense of Humor

One week out from back surgery, Coach is doing very well. The side effects of the anesthesia, medications, and surgery lessen each day. And he’s come a long way! (I’m still exhausted, but back at working playing catch-up. And so grateful for our community providing us with meals!!!)

pain scaleAs we look back over this past week, the horror of the whole experience can be blamed on an incompetent nurse. And Coach’s deliverance can be credited to a brilliant nurse. The day after surgery, Coach’s epidural delivery system beeped around 1pm. I dutifully called nurse Patrick and informed him of said beep. He informed us that it was just a low signal, but nothing to worry about. PT came around 3pm; Coach brilliantly walked about 100 yards. While PT was there, the epidural beeped again…empty. At that point Patrick decided he should order a refill from the pharmacy on the other side of the hospital, a refill that could not be tubed, that had to be walked up. Two hours later, two hours without pain medication, the new epidural bag arrived, only the line into Coach’s back was occluded and the medicine never got to the site. Patrick and the charge nurse slowly decided to take the epidural out and gave him some weak @$$ pain medicine. It did not work! Shift change at 7pm. Excruciating pain. Enter the savior, Steve. He quickly realized that since the epidural came out over 12 hours before planned that the pain medications scheduled for 8am needed to be administered now. It took Steve nearly 3 hours to get Coach comfortable again. Coach had to tolerate pain levels from 8-10 for well over five hours. Needless to say, it was horrific!!!

Having given birth to two children, I know the power of an epidural. And with Little Monkey, it wore off for about 45 minutes right before I started delivery. So I really know the power of an epidural. A week away from Coach’s torture, we’ve had time to process what happened, reflect on epidurals, and find a bit of humor. This film certainly helped:

And then I found this one:

May you always find humor,

even through the painful experiences in life!


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