Nike and Mother Teresea

NikeMy Nigerian world religion teacher learned his English through television. As a result, his lectures were riddled with advertising slogans. His go-to was Nike’s “Just Do It.” He would use it in reference to a religious doctrine, our reluctance to speak in class, and our homework assignments.

And if you know anyone with a Nigerian accent, then you can hear it roll off the tongue. The phrase is quite catchy in and of itself, and then you add the accent. Unforgettable, even 10 years later. My brother once called my South African friend’s accent delicious. I’ve never forgotten his discription and I tend to agree that most accents are delicious. But I digress, you want to know what in the world Nike and Mother Teresea have in common.

Dr. Akinade often talked about the religious imperative to act, that each world religion was only as useful as its effect on the people who practiced it. Good means nothing unless it acts. Grace means nothing unless it acts. Love means nothing unless it acts. The warm fuzzies we religious folks feel in the midst of fellowship, worship, and study mean nothing unless we do something about it. Mother Theresa understood that imperative. She lived it. She knew what Nike meant. Just Do It.

Do It Anyway

May we walk in the path God has prepared

and act ways that honor Him regardless of others!


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