I Knew There Was Something Wrong With Him

dohCoach and I have been together for almost 14 years. Early on, I knew there was something wrong with him. I mean, who likes math? Who enjoys tutoring evening degree students in basic math? Who double majors in math and history? Who sings and acts in a school musical and runs NCAA Division 1 track? Who buys his girlfriend a house designing program for her dreamhouse when they’ve only been dating a few months? Who proposes on a mountain top before his girlfriend goes off to graduate school 800 miles away? Who drives 800 miles through NYC to see said girlfriend? Who gets married without a job? Who willingly works construction to put his new wife through graduate school? Who buys a new car and lets his wife drive it? Who volunteers his time with over 16 soccer teams to get a shot a head coaching position? Who consistently beats his brains out year after year to get high scores from his AP Calc. students? Who spends hours reading, planning, and reviewing for one soccer game? Who wins back to back state coach of the year? Who intentionally makes a baby that will forever change his life? Who does it again?  Who willingly decides to clear land that isn’t his just so he has a better view of the mountains? Who cuddles up and reads with his boys instead of playing MW3 with his friends? Who pitches in and helps his wife build a 10th flower bed after mowing, trimming and edging nearly 2 acres of land himself? Who volunteers to read educational philosophy books for round table discussions?

Who, you ask?


And it turns out these are not the things that are wrong with him. They are the things that are so right and make him who he is. What is wrong with him is his back. Today at 7:30am EST he is having surgery to fix it.

I humbly ask for your prayers!

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