Organizational Overload: Media Monday (on Tuesday)

Organization is the key to remaining sane as a parent. (Or you can just take a nap and deal with it tomorrow, the strategy I employed last night.) Typically, I use menus, grocery lists, google calendars (where I invite Coach to his son’s activities), auto draft, auto deposit, and even automatic van doors to aid my chaotic life.

checklistI come from good organizational stock. My mother and father are the championship quality, expert list makers. Mom has a computerized grocery list following the layout of the store. When you use the last of any item, you circle it on the list, hung conveniently on the side of the fridge. When it’s time to shop again, she can move easily down each isle selecting the items that were used that week in the order they appear on the shelves. She never has to backtrack. What a great time saver! I’ve tried to create such a list, but don’t seem to have the initial outlay of time needed to create the list to save time. Organizational fail!

Papa Bear is a list maker for any great venture. He must have handwritten lists at work for weeks prior to vacations. There was a list for his personal items. A detailed itinerary of the trip, including accommodations, attractions, and potty breaks. (No joke, if you did not potty at an approved location, you got to spend some quality time in the back seat with a butter dish praying that Dad didn’t hit a pothole. Sad, but true story. FYI-I had pretty good aim as a kid.) There was also a list for camping items–hoses, adapters, extension cords, etc. The epitome of list making came when Coach was joining us on a family camping trip to FL while we were dating. Coach was trying to assist Papa Bear with the packing. Dad told him to check the list. Coach came to me shortly thereafter and said in disbelief, “Your dad has ‘Check the List’ on the list.” TRUE STORY!

So, I’ve always loved organization, maybe more than I should. (We’ll talk about follow-through some other time.) As a teacher I love syllabi, detailed project instructions, and graphic organizers. 

And then there are flowcharts. I suppose they have a real organizational purpose, but for the life of me I enjoy the crazy ones so much more. Here’s one to help you answer that age old question that we all struggle with, “Are You Meat Loaf?”

Are You Meat Loaf?

Are You Meat Loaf?

Now that you know your standing as Meat Loaf (Whew! That must be a relief.), click here to find 24 more useful flowcharts!

I particularly like these 5:

  • Which religion you should practice? Try #5.
  • Should you wear sweatpants today? Try #8. It needs to be reworked so the answer is always YES! And my employer needs to be brought in the loop.
  • Should you shave your legs? Very, very helpful as a busy mother. Try #11.
  • Can you eat the food you just dropped on the floor? Again, crucial as the mother of a toddler. Try #13.
  • Is it time to make a change? Try #25.

In the midst of organizational overload,

may we always find humor!


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