Letting Go and Holding On

Coach is having surgery next Wednesday on his back. For the past two weeks or so, I have been caring for a family of four on my own…sort of. No one but me can tie shoes, carry things, and drive. It’s been exhausting!

I have been blessed with a loving and supportive church family. They have mowed my lawn, provided meals, and helped me clean my house. Coach has felt the concern and support of his assistant coach, who drives him when I can’t, and his colleagues, who have covered classes for all his appointments and will after his surgery. My parents have also been a God-send. They have come at our beck and call to help when one of me is just not enough to meet all the driving, childcare, and life needs of my family. And I have been assured that all this support will continue through the surgery and recovery.

This is experience is teaching me more about humility, gratitude, faith, Christian love, and myself than I could have ever imagined. And through it all, my monkeys keep me smiling. This morning, I saw this:

Love and Laughter in my home

Now more than ever, this is true.

The love and laughter my monkeys and I share are often my saving grace at the end of a chaotic day. I often think of Susanna Wesley, mother of Methodist founder John Wesley. He comments in his diary about his remarkable mother and though he was one of ten children, she always found time each day to devote to each child individually. In all the chaos, I am striving to find time each day to invest in them fully. And that time keeps me sane.

I’m letting go of the toys, fingerprints, my hair, regular sleep, and blogging on a regular basis. I’m holding on to love, laughter, my family, and my faith.

God, grant us the wisdom to know what to let go and what to hold on to!


2 thoughts on “Letting Go and Holding On

    • Thanks. It’s been a real challenge and I’m so grateful for everyone’s help! The other night I used the prayer dice and the prayer came up about being grateful for your loved ones. What power! It really helped me through that moment! Thanks for everything.

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