Loving the Like

When I was in college, I took a course called Religion in America. (The course text was Religion in America by Julia Corbett Hemeyer. It’s packed full of great information and very accessible.) The course was wonderful. We learned about all the major religions practiced in the United States, the differences between the major Protestant denominations, and how the manifestations of these religions differed in the United States in comparison to other places in the world. It was such an enlightening class!

Unity in Silence

Unity in Silence

The best part was that we visited many ‘worship areas’ and spoke with the ‘worship leaders’ of the religions and denominations that we studied, including Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Quaker, and the five major Protestant denominations. I learned very quickly that there is beauty in the worship styles of all religions. Actions, perspectives, and mindsets that allow the believers to connect with God and their fellow believers are all valid and beautiful. One of my favorite is the Catholic prayer candle.

For those of you who don’t know, when a Catholic is in church and prayers, they have the option of lighting a candle to signify their prayer and for their fellow Christians to see all the prayers that have come before them. I’m sure a Catholic could offer a much more eloquent explanation, but that’s the jist. And how beautiful! To know that you are not alone in your prayer, in your faith, in your need. You are not alone.

That’s how I feel about the Like button that we use each day in our social media world. We social media beings share our humor, our celebrations, our struggles. We share ourselves. With one click of that Like button, we are not alone. Our voice has been heard, our journey has been shared, we have been validated.

So today, I’m loving the Like. Each one encourages me to write more, share more, think more, and grow more.

How many social media beings can you encourage today?


Please encourage me!!!


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