A Tired Rut

Beautiful and placid,but a rut nonetheless.

Beautiful and placid,
but a rut nonetheless.

Ever been there? Or are there right now?

Just tired of the same old, same old. Ready for something exciting to spark your interest again? Ready to be drawn out of the hum drum existence that you are in?

Life isn’t easy (the constant struggle for balance). Parenting isn’t easy (Kids? Why would you ever do that to yourself? *Hugs* from the monkeys. Oh, that’s why!) Marriage isn’t easy (finding time together to be us while competing with the demands of life and parenting). Cleaning and laundry are just a downright drain of your life energy. The responsibilities, the pressure, the rut can drag you down. (Can I get an Amen?!?)

Don’t let it!

Spark up!

Spring is here (or so the calendar says)!

Start looking!

Have the courage to try something new, to add a twist to your routine, to step outside your comfort zone, to meet new people, to read new books, to join new groups, to try a new recipe, to try a new exercise program, to reach out and embrace life.

Reinvigorate your life!


What are you doing to re-energize your life this spring?

Please share. I need your encouragement!!!


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