I Shaved My Legs for Jesus

Happy Easter!

There is something wonderful about the preparations for Easter. A new dress, new button downs for the monkeys, and a new hair cut. The Easter egg hunts, preparing Easter baskets, and selecting gifts for the monkeys.

Then the big day arrives. Who needs their bed head combed? Where are your shoes? Did you brush your teeth? And then I move on to the monkeys. But seriously, anyone with kids knows that getting ready for church is a true test of faith.

Many churches today recognize this. They have a “come as you are” policy. Ours does. It’s a relief many Sundays to know that God wants me there and doesn’t care whether I wrangle my boys into khakis and polos or just shorts and a tee.

A Mom MiracleHair, Make-up, and Shaved Legs

A Mom Miracle
Hair, Make-up, and Shaved Legs

But today is Easter, the most pivotal as far as church holidays go. Today we celebrate Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and God’s limitless grace. Today we recognize our need for this forgiveness and mercy. Today we remember the joy of accepting Jesus into our lives. Today we offer our best. We wrangle our kids into new clothes; mothers do their hair and makeup on the same day; and dads humor their wives with the coordinated attire. I even shaved my legs for Jesus!

May we always remember that God loves us as we are!
And may we seek to honor Him with our preparations!


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