Courage to Change

Sharable image on FB

Sharable image on FB

There are moments in life that call out to us. Times when we must make a leap of faith, we must try something new, we must say goodbye. Times when we must.

A new baby, a new job, a new relationship, a new house. All around you and me today, people are making those changes. Some we see; some we don’t. Perhaps you are in the midst of such a change. 

In private school education, spring is the time for change. Contracts. Colleagues moving on. Openings. And new possibilities.

This week it is in the air at our school. Dear friends will be teaching in Spain next year, graduate school calls, and babies are on the way. These friends have made that leap of faith. Taken hold of their destiny. Put themselves out there.

I honor their courage, determination, and fearlessness!

When I face those moments in my life, I often find courage through lyric and melody. In honor of my brave friends who are embarking on new journeys, I share my two courage songs with you. The first is from the beautiful Broadway musical Jekyll and Hyde, “This is the Moment.” Dr. Jekyll is working up the courage to take his potion. Though the story has a tragic ending, this song has encouraged me and helped me work up my courage to make changes in my life.

The second is Garth Brooks’ “Standing Outside the Fire.” I listed to this song on repeat for probably an hour as I contemplated seeking a relationship with Coach. We were great friends and there was much to risk. I’d say it all worked out though. 🙂 And to be honest, I had never seen the video until today. The lyrics now have a new depth of meaning to me.

Though the musical styles and settings are very different, the message is the same.

Find your courage and make something happen.


6 thoughts on “Courage to Change

  1. Thank you, Wendy. And I know you have the same courage and you will use it when the time comes. For us, for me, it is definitely time to go. 🙂

    • And we will certainly miss you! I wish you all the best and now have another reason to go to Spain. Perhaps we should finally get our passports this spring 🙂

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