Stop and …

Which do you prefer?

What’s your pleasure?

The Supremes’ Stop in the Name of Love

MC Hammer’s You Can’t Touch This

Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby


Today I stopped to watch Pope Francis’ introduction. I was encouraged by his story. The son of immigrants who dedicated his life to Christ, who improved himself through education and study, who was elevated to Cardinal but prefered a humble home, his own cooking, and bus rides to the opulence of the office, who visits the poor, the sick, and the hurting. I was encouraged by his demeanour. His prayer for his predecessor, his prayer request of the people, his stature during the silence, and his kind words about the love of Christ. I was encouraged by his choice of name, a very humble servant.  I was encouraged by the cardinals’ selection. Their choosing someone from the Americas to engage more Christians, their choosing a man of the people, their choosing someone who is deeply respected for his compassion and conservativism.

What I am not encouraged by are the Christian detractors. Admittedly, we are not all Catholics. But for those of us who believe, we must remember that we are all human. We are all struggling through the challenges that this life throws at us. We all stumble and fall. We all rise and overcome. We grow and mature. And God’s love sustains us.

Pray for the love of God to be shared!

Pray for the love of God to be shared!

This man–a son, a brother, a scholar, a spiritual leader–has been blessed with an opportunity to share God’s love, to help those in need, and to serve God in a way that can impact the lives of so many. Pope Francis asked his fellow Catholics to pray for him and they did. I say all believers should stop and pray for him, the Catholic church, and the universal church. We should pray for God’s love to reach the seeking and we should allow God to determine how that love will be shown to them. We should focus on the possibilities of sharing God’s love with billions.

Join me.

Stop and pray for Pope Francis

and his ability to share God’s love.


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